Market on Sunday near Eaglehawk Neck

Hi guys,

Here is a message from Hilary about the fresh veggie market there have at Taranna this Sunday.

They will also be at the Eaglehawk Neck Market on the 13th December. Great stuff – don’t miss either.

Hello – it was a buzz to meet new veggie lovers last week, and to catch up with ones we already knew. This Sunday we’ll open at 9.30am, as an earlier start seems to suit a few shoppers.

We’ll should be able to bring a few more new potatoes this week; but I suspect a few less strawberries. We will have some strawberries though.
There’ll be beans, broccoletti, spinach, cauliflowers, baby carrots and kale. We’ll be picking some lovely little cabbages to enjoy raw or cooked, and some lettuce, as well as a bit of our baby leaf salad mix.
We’ve harvested lots of garlic, so we can all luxuriate in all our favourite garlicky dishes.
People often see onions as basic in the kitchen; but not exciting. Well I’m excited about our Domenican Sweet onions, and we’ll have the first few this Sunday. Sliced into butter or oil, they quickly cook into a sweet, melt-in-your-mouth delicacy – we love it and always wish we’d cooked more.
As ever, we’ll find some other odds and ends to keep life interesting.
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