Sunday market tomorrow near Eaglehawk Neck – Taranna

Hello – the very best of New Years to you all! We’ve been out trying to beat the heat with the picking for tomorrow’s stall; but I’ve just popped in to let you know what we’ll have to offer.

We’ll have broccoli on special – they’re not quite perfect, having little white buds from white blister; but they taste quite fine.
Sugar Snap Peas and Snow Peas are both available, along with both Continental and Lebanese Cucumbers.
The lovely Domenican Sweet onions will be there, and I think we might have a choice of salad onion varieties.
For those who love the Ratte potatoes – the French kipfler style one – there’ll be a few available, along with plenty of wonderful Dutch Creams.
Carrots, Kohl Rabi, Baby Spinach, Salad, Cos Lettuce, Kale, are all available.
I’m not sure what the strawberries will do – we’ll have a look in the morning; but they’re not in a flushing part of their cycle right now.
A few new things are starting to appear, and will be present in tiny quantities – for example George has just picked a few bunches of celery.
Back to the picking – and we hope to see you tomorrow – open at 9.30am

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