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It was a hard decision to make – one that we’d hoped not to have to make; but we’ve realised that we can’t do both the Taranna stall and the Eaglehawk Neck Market, and it will be too disruptive to try to shift the stall on one weekend each month in order to be at the EHN Market instead. So for the forseeable future our only stall on the peninsula will be our Sunday stall at Taranna. We’ll certainly miss being at the lovely Eaglehawk Neck Market tomorrow; but we’ll be heads down, tails up, harvesting for Sunday.

The heat on Saturday certainly gave the sweet corn crop a boost, and made it more likely that we’ll actually have sweet corn to pick this season. As ever, some crops are on the decline – no beans this week, and a lot less peas – but others are coming on. We’re seeing a lot of little eggplant fruit in the greenhouse, so hopefully it won’t be many weeks before we have good supplies of those.

It’s a good week for onions. It’s easy to think of onions as a flavouring for other ingredients; but the Sweet Domenicans are so lovely and mild, they lend themselves to being treated as a side dish in their own right, embellished with other ingredients. I have a packet of frozen, chopped lemon grass in my freezer, and I’ve been putting a bit of that in the pan with the Sweet D’s as they cook – we really like it. We’ll bring a few Long Red Florence onions as well.

There’s a good supply of broccoli, cabbage and little carrots, and plenty of kale and kohl rabi. As well as our Baby Leaf salad, there are lovely Baby Cos leaves, so together with the Cucumbers, Salad Onions and Purslane, you’re on your way to a week of yummy salads.

There’s a good supply of Potatoes – La Rattes and the versatile and lovely Dutch Creams mostly; but there might be small quantities of other varieties.

And, as always, a few other bits and pieces!

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