Market near Eaglehawk Neck tomorrow (Sunday 18th)

Hello – I”m sorry that this email is later than usual – we had one of those long days in Hobart yesterday, and we’ve been busily picking all this morning.
There’s quite a lot to share. We have lots of lovely baby carrots, and crisp, sweet celery. For your salad greens there’ll be Baby Leaf Mix, Baby Cos leaves, and some whole lettuce, as well as a few bags of purslane.

We’ll have 3 varieties of potato – lots of lovely Dutch Creams and La Rattes, and a few of the pretty little long red ones.

We’ll have bags of spinach and of kale, some bunches of silver beet, cabbages, caulies and kohl rabi.
There are snow peas and cucumbers, a few tomatoes… and, as ever, various other bits nd pieces to make healthy eating more fun

Come along to Taranna shop, not far from Eaglehawk Neck.


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