Market near Eaglehawk Neck this Sunday – 25th January

The amazing rainfall last week, along with the cool conditions, is having some effect on the produce available. We’re pretty short on salads – though there is some Lettuce Mix. This week there are lots of Baby Carrots; but we may well be without carrots for a few weeks after this – the water didn’t drain away in time to keep the carrots from rotting.

We’ll have Cabbages and Kale, Celery, beautiful crunchy Sugar Snap Peas, and Snow Peas. There are more of the lovely Sweet Domenica Onions, some Long Red Florence onions, and bunches of Spring Onions.

There are plenty of potatoes – 3 varieties – and several varieties of Cherry Tomatoes, as well as a few regular tomatoes.

I’m often asked what to do with Kohl Rabi. It isn’t a very common vegetable in most Australian kitchens; but it really is so very easy to get along with. It has a nice crisp texture and quite a sweet flavour. My 7-year-old grandson just eats them like apples. We sell a lot of Kohl Rabi to chefs, and they often use it grated or thinly sliced in their salads. It goes well sliced in stir fries too. I like to cut Kohl Rabi into wedges, and saute it with garlic. Sometimes I then bake it – either on its own or mixed with Baby Fennel – with a little grated parmesan on top.

Perhaps the best fun this week is to be found in the lines that are still in very small quantities; but that make us feel it really is summer. So you might find some Eggplant, Capsicum, Padron Chillies, or gorgeous Golden Scalloped Squash.

Hope to see you there at the shop in Taranna, not far from Eaglehawk Neck.

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