Eaglehawk Neck – market nearby this Sunday – Taranna!!!

What a fabulous autumn morning!  I’m sure the plants are revelling in it. 

It’s a good week to be a greens eater. We’ll have Tuscan kale, Baby Spinach and Pak Choi, as well as Watercress, Baby Cos leaves and our Baby Leaf Salad Mix. Tomatoes and Lebanese Cucumbers are both in good supply, and there’s a nice lot of colourful capsicum.
The Padron Peppers are warming up as the bushes age – and quite a few of them are bigger this week too. They tend to get warmer as they get bigger. A lot of them would now be too warm for me to enjoy eating alone as a tapas; but we’re loving them chopped finely and sprinkled over, say, baked mushroom or eggplant – just the right amount of bite. In fact they’re just right to add a warm accent to a host of dishes.
There are new Dutch Cream potatoes this week, and a small amount of new Brownells. The Brownells are so pretty when we first harvest them! There are also little La Ratte potatoes – always a treat.
We’re always trying to improve our prices – which usually means doing something more efficiently on the farm. (We had five kids and know that choosing good quality food is hard sometimes). The carrots and salad prices have moved down this week.
So much to enjoy – beans, kohl rabi, baby turnips, radish, beetroot, celery, Sweet Domenica,  coriander, sweet corn …..
There will be more organically grown new seasons apples available too.
We open at 9.30am. If the opening time makes it difficult for you to shop, perhaps you could email us an order, and we could have a box ready for you. We’re very happy to help people who can’t get to the shop later; but we don’t want people who come at 9.30 to find that we’ve already sold out of things that they want.
Happy munching.
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