Eaglehawk Neck Community & Hall Assoc update 10 15

Eaglehawk Neck Community and Hall Association: Report on hall activities

Dear members and supporters of the Eaglehawk Neck Community and Hall Association,

There will be a General Meeting of the Eaglehawk Neck Community and Hall Association at the hall on Sunday October 11th at 2 pm. Non members are welcome to attend as observers. All welcome, including non members. Comments/questions on the report below are welcome. A change to allow for Life Membership has been passed by the management committee and approval from the association to change the Rules of Association to reflect this change will be sought at the GM. Note – To vote on any matters you must be financial.

Upcoming events at the hallcheck the website https://eaglehawkneck.org/


  • Jazz morning on Sat 3rd Oct. Jazz players from the Lufra’s weekend festival will play unplugged at the hall between 10 and 12. Morning teas for sale.
  • Mini Book Fair Sunday Oct 4th 10 am to 12 noon.
  • Life for a Child An afternoon of readings by Liz Darvell of Pam Ayres, Clive James & Margaret Scott and a talk by Caroline Thomas  (Diabetes Tasmania). $10 entry.
  • Markets Sat 10th Oct, Sat 14th November, Sat 12th December, Sat 9th 9.30 am to 12.30 pm
  • Bush Dance Sat Oct 17th at 5.30 pm featuring “Buttongrass Serenade”. Free entry.  Celebrating Mental Health Week. Food available for purchase.
  • Garage Sale Trail – Sat Oct 24th 10am  to 2pm. Books and bric a brac. Light meals, tea and coffee available.


  • Gala Fair Sat 6th Feb, 2016. 10 am to 3 pm


  • Book sales, the Film Society, hall hire fees and Markets are all doing well and are major sources of income for the hall, which is maintained by the community, receiving no income from Tasman Council or government.
  • Padded stackable chairs. Sixty have been purchased and should arrive soon.
  • The June Strategic and Financial Planning Meeting.
  • The meeting developed a plan to guide the Association over the next 12 months and the next few years on financial planning (priorities, how funds are to be used), maintenance and improvements, general management of the hall, and the philosophy and aims of the hall as part of the community. A plan was also seen as important as a reference for future Management Committees.

Items were prioritised to be actioned at successive management meetings.

The agreed core functions of the hall association were seen as: managing, maintaining and making improvements to the Eaglehawk Neck Community Hall; and promoting the use of the Hall as a focus for community activities.

  • A new events/publicity subcommittee has been formed with bookings, communications and marketing as part of its brief.
  • The project to install flush toilets: The old Rotaloo has been removed and two flush toilets are now operational. Some minor tidying up to be done. The project includes grant funding for laying gravel around the hall to obliterate the muddy puddles and to mitigate fire risk – and funding for a generator. These should be completed soon.
  • Shed : now in use for storing tables, marquees, gas bottles, signs. Shelving to be done.
  • Repainting the hall exterior: Completed
  • A keysafe has been sited next to the north door for hall users. A lockable rubbish bin for the use of hall users is now situated by the steps. Lee Oldham has generously agreed to empty it weekly. A lockable letterbox is now on the gate at the hall entrance
  • Tasman Council Food handling course. Several committee and association members attended
  • Donation of $250 to the Tasman District School from the hall association for the Grade 9 educational trip to Canberra.


  • Donation of  a painting by Rose Solomon of the Dunalley hall which was destroyed in the 2013 bushfires to the Dunalley Hall and Reserves Committee to celebrate the opening of their new hall.



ENACT report.  (Eaglehawk Neck Community Action Taskforce), a subcommittee of the Hall Association.

  • Officer’s Quarters. An ABC built heritage story on the Quarters may follow on from a recent ABC feature on its neglected state. The Legislative Council Built Heritage Report may recommend that PAHSMA be funded to take over the Quarters.
  • Continues to be a valuable resource.
  • Gravel Pits car park. Council opine there is space to site only one ANZAC table. To be placed on the Northern side. The viewing platform will be constructed in Oct and the slab for the table needs to be in place before then.  Council may build a shelter over the table.  Toilet will be a septic flush system.
  • ANZAC tables. Placement of further will continue in Spring.
  • Food van at Pirates Bay Road lookout. Supported application for it and explored parking options with Council.



The Eaglehawk Neck Gala Fair

The fair has been held in February every year since 2010 and is a hugely popular and successful community event. It is both a fundraiser for the hall and a fun event for the community.

The hall management committee decided with regret last year not to hold a fair in 2015 because of the difficulty in attracting enough people to plan and run it – deciding instead to make the fair biennial.  It will now be held in February 2016 on the Saturday of the long weekend.

Community members are urged to become part of this community event . Contribute your ideas and join one of the teams which will be set up to work together in planning and running the fair. There is no set plan – each year is different and the style of the fair is decided by the membership of the planning group.  The fair is a fun event and lots of laughs go into the planning for it.  No one is left on their own – the hall management committee will provide overall coordination, support and advice. Meetings are kept to minimum – most things can be done by email/phone.

Fair planning will be divided into areas of responsibility managed by a team of two or more people. One team might for example look after parking planning and traffic direction, other teams could do general signage, pre fair grounds preparation (mowing/brushcutting), setting up tables and marquees, booking and siting portable toilets, first aid, BBQ team, (procuring food for BBQ and running it), booking and site planning for stallholders/entertainers, assistance in kitchen, liaising with police, council, PWS and other stakeholders, music, booking attractions, planning and supervising children’s activities, setting up and running bric a brac stall, general help, setting up pa system, procuring and managing rubbish bins, packing up after the fair, advertising and publicity, public relations, finding sponsors and more.

Without volunteer input it will not be possible to put the fair on. Spreading the load over many people reduces the workload and makes possible an important community event. The hall receives no funding from Council or government so any funds raised go towards maintenance and upkeep.

Please consider helping out with this important community event.  Please contact Sallie on 0458 726 425 or Denise on 0411 670 665.


John Gardner (Sec)

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