Eaglehawk Neck Gala fair – fresh fruit and veggies galore!!!!

Hello - with none of our usual stalls this week, we've been busy 
planting crops for the cool season, and preparing beds for lots more. 
Now we're starting to harvest for our stall at the Eaglehawk Neck Gala 
Fair on Easter Saturday. We'll bring the last few eggplants of the 
season, and plenty of lovely capsicum. We'll have cucumbers, Padron 
peppers, and a few tomatoes - all these crops have slowed down quite a 
lot; but they're not finished yet. And there's plenty of lovely sweet 
corn to enjoy! 
We're not harvesting any salad mix this week; but we'll have a few 
lovely greens that can enhance salads. We'll have coriander, small 
amounts of rocket and some loose pak choi leaves which are easily tender 
enough for salads, or could be used in stir fries etc as well. Some of 
you have probably enjoyed English Cress at some stage. We don't have 
that this week; but we're bringing a little bit of Persian Cress. When 
young Persian Cress and English cress taste very similar - the main 
difference is in the shape of the leaves. These Persian Cress leaves are 
reasonably big, so the flavour is a little stronger. Personally I like 
that better when they're accompanying something fairly mild flavoured - 
like the classic pairing of cress and egg in a sandwich. 
We'll have Pak Choi,  both Purple and Green Tatsoi, and Tuscan Kale, and 
some beautiful fresh cabbages, as well as some broccoli. We've harvested 
a new crop of King Edward potatoes, and have nice little lot of kohl 
rabi. There'll be pumpkin and sweet onions, and, as ever, a few little 
We're also bringing a few well grown herb plants in pots. So we'd love 
to see you there. The fair starts at 10am, and goes until 3pm. 
Have a wonderful Easter. 
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