What has ENACT achieved?

  • now attracting around 3000 to 5000 visitors a month. 
  • A distinctive ‘Welcome to Eaglehawk Neck – Gateway to the Tasman Peninsula’  top of Neck Hill
  • We have a 15m legal fire break around the Community Hall.
  • No large pine trees on the sand dunes.
  • No neglected sections on Waterfall Bay Road.
  • Whale Watchers Lookout with a toilet, picnic tables, landscaping and sealed surface where the Surfers car park/gravel pit used to be.
  • Working Bees caring for the garden around the Officers’ Quarters.
  • We have seven beautiful, solid timber picnic tables strategically placed throughout Eaglehawk Neck, providing a discrete memorial to those who served.
  • Partial mitigation of serious flooding around the Community Hall through cleared drainage from the Arthur Hwy.
  • Fire safety features in and around EHN clearly identified and clarified. (Location of safe place)
  • We have created the prospect that the management of the Eaglehawk Neck Historic Site will be transferred to the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority.
  • Strong relationships with local government agencies, local council, businesses and several community organisations.
  • Regular local press stories about positive progress in our community. We appreciate the support of the Tasman Gazette.
  • We have our most ambitious project to date – The Eaglehawk Neck Coastal Track Stage 1 to the point of being “shovel ready”, entering a new round of community consultation, about to lodge a Development application, and have applied for funding.

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