Three Capes Walk

Three Capes Walk:

Now open to the walking public the formal Three Capes Walk is still very much a work-in-progress, with work just now starting on the final leg. The once-controversial project has rapidly become an iconic Tasmanian tourist attraction and a magnet for bush walkers and nature lovers alike.

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It is a pity that the formal Three Capes Walk will terminate at Fortescue Bay, making  it necessary to take a twelve kilometre drive out to the Arthur Highway over a rough gravel road by coach.

Those who would like to avoid this, or who may prefer to spend another day enjoying our amazing coastline, can continue their walk from Fortesque Bay along the Tasman Track all the way through to Eaglehawk Neck, via Bivouac Bay and Waterfall Bay.

Private pickup (or drop off) would be necessary from Waterfall Bay Lookout; accessed via Blowhole Road (C338 – turnoff just after Eaglehawk Neck). This will take you towards Tasman Arch and Devil’s Kitchen. Along the C338, a sign-posted gravel road to the right leads to Waterfall Bay.

The Waterfall Bay Rd provides access to the Tasman Track southwards toward Fortescue Bay via Bivouac Bay (eight hours) or north back to the Devil’s Kitchen/Tasman’s Arch car park (30 minutes).

The Waterfall Bay Road is under threat of closure to the public due to the cost of maintenance once the new car park at the Devils Kitchen/Tasman Arch is constructed. Please leave your comments below about this as the local community and many tourist operators want it kept open and properly maintained.

Inexperienced day walkers should not be deterred as there are some 35 different walks to do on the Tasman Peninsular, many being quite short and far from difficult.   A privately published guide book, Peninsula Tracks, by Peter and Shirley Storey is worth buying if you are planning to do some walks. Copies are available from most tourist outlets.





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