Singalong with the Dame and Barbara (on piano)

Dame and Barbara


 SINGALONG with The Dame and Barbara (at the piano), singing a selection of your favourite songs.

$5 admission (includes afternoon tea and lucky door prize). For information – Sallie 0458 726 425

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Market and films coming..

Market and film this coming weekend-

Movies at the Neck: The Eaglehawk Neck Hall Film Society screens films every month.  Thursday 9th November 7.30pm –The Lady in the Van (M 104 minutes) – Whimsical and poignant true story by British playwright Alan Bennett about eccentric Miss Shepherd (Dame Maggie Smith) who parks her van in Bennett’s driveway and lives there for the next 15 years. Saturday 11 November at 7.00pm-Hacksaw Ridge (MA15+ 133 minutes) Andrew Garfield stars as Desmond Dross, the first conscientious objector to win the Congressional Medal of Honor for rescuing 75 men from behind enemy lines during the battle for Okinawa. Food available at Saturday viewings at 6.00pm before movie. For more info contact Dave on 6250 3949.


Eaglehawk Neck Hall Market: The Market this month is to be held on Saturday 11th November,  9.30am to 12.30pm. Come along for local art and craft, books, home baked goodies, and bric-a-brac.  The Pirate’s Pantry serves teas, espresso coffee and delicious lunches. For stall bookings and information contact Sallie on 0458 726 425.


Special showing on November 18th of Emo the MusicalEmo the Musical



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Whats on at the Hall – October 2017

Good morning members and supporters,

Just an update on upcoming events at the hall:

Community dance/ Rock ‘n Roll night with Barrelhouse rock band on Saturday (Oct 21st). 8pm to 11 pm. $5 per person and bring a plate. Kids free. No BYO.  Alcohol served.

Singalong with The Dame-  with Barbara at the piano – at 2 pm, Wednesday 15th November. Admission $5 including afternoon tea.

EMO the Musical feature film.  Directorial debut by ex Tasman student Neil Triffet on Saturday 18thNovember at 7.30 pm.  Doors open at 7 pm. Admission $7.  EHN Film Society members $5.


John Gardner (sec)

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Market and film this coming weekend

The market is on again this weekend- Saturday 12th August. The market runs from 9.30 – 12.30pm. The Film Society AGM is at 4.00pm, with meals available at 6.00pm and the film starting at 7.00pm- Gosford Park. All welcome.

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Dame Vera Lynn tribute concert 2.00pm Tuesday 23rd May

Dame Vera Lynn tribute

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What’s happening this week at the Hall?


The film this Thursday 9th March is Tanna- set in Vanuatu. On Saturday 11th March we are holding the market at eh hall from 9.30 – 12.30- followed by the quirky New Zealand film “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”.

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Barrelhouse- band to rock the Hall on February 18th, 7.0pm

barrelhouse-pic-1rock-and-roll-jpegCommunity dance, doors open at 7.0pm, music starts at 8.00pm. 18th February

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Eaglehawk Neck Action Community Taskforce (ENACT) – Newsletteror January 2017 (Photos missing)

Eaglehawk Neck Community & Hall Association Inc.


Eaglehawk Neck Action Community Taskforce

‘Making Eaglehawk Neck a better place to live and visit’.

16 Osprey Road, Eaglehawk Neck, 7179.

0428 503 449

Eaglehawk Neck Action Community Taskforce (ENACT)

Newsletter to supporters – January 2017

 It’s now four years since the community meeting at the EHN Hall from which ENACT was formed. Our stated aim was: “To make Eaglehawk Neck a better place to live and visit.”

 We have achieved quite a lot but there is still much to do! “To make Eaglehawk Neck a better place to live and visit.”

We have achieved quite a lot but there is still much to do!

 Committee Members – Arthur Orchard (Chair), Jan Field (Sec.), Peter Lane, Peter Derkley, Ruth Moon, Greg Jones, Sallie Creese, Roger Self, Craig Brown. (Craig joined our committee early in 2016 and has been a regular attendee and valued contributor). Councillors Dave Moser and Pam Fenerty have both attended several meetings over the year, as guests, and given great support to the committee.

The committee continues to meet monthly on the 3rd Thursday at the Lufra Hotel at 5pm – interested community members welcome. (NOTE – we are having a break in January and our first meeting for 2017 will be on Thursday 16th February).

At the February meeting, our primary business will be to assess progress for 2016 against our goals and to formulate priorities for 2017; including reference to the priority list that evolved from our formation after the public meeting at the Hall in 2013. (the full prioritised list is at the end of this newsletter.)

The committee continues to have good relationships with Tasman Council and local councillors, local Parks & Wildlife Service (PWS) personnel, Destination Southern Tasmania (DST), state and federal Members of Parliament, the Eaglehawk Neck Community & Hall Association (EHN C & H A), the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA), the Port Arthur and Tasman Tourism Association (PATTA), local businesses and other stakeholder groups. We also very much appreciate the ongoing support and contributions of the wider community.

STOP PRESS – our website has gone nuts!!!!

 In December I reported the following to the Hall Management Committee as part of a regular update on ENACT activities:

 “EHN website: Over 14,500 visitors and over 30,000 views had been recorded at since it was launched. Over 800 visitors in both September and October and over 1,000 visitors in November 2016, with over 2,000 views.”

The figures were notable in that monthly visitations to had been 500-600 per month through 2016 till the significant increase in September, October and November – about 40% over three months. Impressive!!

A check of the stats in mid-January revealed that we had nearly 1,400 visitors in December and 2,860 views – another 40% increase on November. An extrapolation of January figures to date (23rd) to the end of the month gives visitation of over 2,100 and over 4,000 views – a further 50% increase. This is crazy stuff!!! A 350% increase in visitation over 4-5 months.

If these numbers, from a relatively hard-to-find tourism website (Page 3 on Google for “Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania”), are indicative of tourist activity then our island must be awash with visitors.

A big thank you to Jill Pierce for taking over the daily/monthly updates to the website.

 Eaglehawk Neck Coastal Trail.

This project was adopted as our major focus for 2016 and has absorbed much of the committee members’ time and energy, with much going on throughout the year behind the scenes.

Our crowd funding early last year raised over $10,000 which is still sitting in the Eaglehawk Neck Community & Hall Association Inc’s bank account awaiting allocation to the Coastal Trail project. It will certainly be needed, and be well utilised.  Thanks again to all those businesses, organisations and individuals who gave so generously and willingly.

Work on planning and gaining approvals and permissions continues, with valuable input and support from local Parks personnel.  We are currently awaiting Reserve Activity Assessment (RAA) approval for Stage 1 (Tessellated Pavement car park to surfer’s car park). This has been an exhaustive process taking several months to date, but very thorough and detailed. There are some concerns over Dog Line to Surfer’s car park section due to Aboriginal heritage in the area but we are confident that a way forward can be found.

Adjoining residents have been consulted and we are working with Tasman Council and Mt. Trails on a section between the Tessellated Pavement car park and the Coastal Reserve. Funding options for Stage 1 are being looked at. We hope to see real progress on the ground for Stage 1 in 2017.

Stage 5, the section of the EHN Coastal Trail through Doo Town has also moved forward, with the Tasman Council unanimously approving a motion “to consider a new pedestrian footpath in the vicinity of Doo Town as a priority” at its meeting in December 2016. This came as a result of ENACT lodging a petition with 280 signatories seeking such a commitment, with the formal motion moved and seconded by Councillors Pam Fenerty and Dave Moser. We look forward to seeing tangible evidence of progress in this regard over the next 2-3 years.

Eaglehawk Neck Coastal Trail – proposed route, in stages

Note: The lines on the above map are indicative only. The actual line of the Eaglehawk Neck Coastal Trail will be subject to assessment and design approved by PWS and/or Tasman Council respectively.

ANZAC Picnic tables:

This project moved toward completion during 2016, with two tables being incorporated into the redevelopment of the Surfies’ (old Gravel Pits) car park into a whale watchers’ lookout. The finished project now includes a public toilet, landscaping, fencing, picnic/seating facilities and a sealed car park. Congratulations to Tasman Council and Parks & Wildlife Service in working collaboratively to create a great new facility for the enjoyment of locals and our visitors. ENACT was proud to have contributed with the placement of the Anzac Commemorative picnic tables.

The seventh Anzac Centenary picnic table has now been installed at a site under a gum tree adjacent to the car park near the Officer’s Quarters in the Historic Site. This is the first time such a piece of infrastructure has been allowed to be placed within the Historic Site and ENACT appreciates the cooperation from local PWS personnel in enabling this to take place.

That leaves the final table, of the eight funded through the Commonwealth Anzac Centenary Fund and vital local support, to be placed. It has been made and is ready to be installed. This table was to be placed within the Historic Site but only one could be accommodated in the end. Other sites have been canvassed, such as Waterfall Bay lookout and Tasman Arch, but found to be unsuitable. The final site is yet to be decided so any ideas from our supporters will be appreciated and considered.

A reminder that each table carries a small bronze plaque as shown here:

Stuart Meeking and Rob Monk, whom we appointed as contractors to mill the timber, build the tables and install each in turn, have done a great job of which I am sure they are very proud; as can our community.

The tables are almost indestructible and we are confident they will still be in constant use by locals and visitors when the second anniversary of the Anzac story is being commemorated.

The Eaglehawk Neck Community & Hall Association Inc. provided generous financial support for the project and has agreed to ensure that ongoing oiling and maintenance keeps the tables in pristine condition.

Waterfall Bay Road:

The 650m+/- disputed section has been reconstructed by Tasman Council following lobbying by ENACT, and other individuals, over recent years. We look forward to new signage being installed at the junction of Blowhole Road.

 Arthur Highway isthmus:

A letter from Minister Hidding in November advised, among other things, that: “On the matter of the Eaglehawk Neck (The Neck) the Department has undertaken some work on options for road improvement through The Neck.

There is no recorded crash history, however the road is narrower than the road on either side. Options investigated included sealing the shoulders and in the longer term relocating access to the hall at the road junction, just north of The Neck.

Obviously that will be a matter for the DPIPWE, and I am informed that discussions have commenced about their alternatives. I can advise that larger speed signs have been installed (as requested by ENACT) and a budget submission is being prepared for widening the road through The Neck.”

Historic Site and PAHSMA: ENACT submissions to Legislative Council inquiries

ENACT made two quite separate formal submissions to Legislative Council Committees during 2015/16 – The Legislative Council Enquiry into Built Heritage Tourism in Tasmania (2015) and the  PAHSMA Government Business Hearing (late 2016).

In both instances, we put forward a proposal that PAHSMA be given control and management over the Eaglehawk Neck Historic Site, with adequate funding to carry out the task professionally. This in no way was a reflection on the management of the site to date by PWS, but recognition of PAHSMA’s specialised expertise in the management, development and promotion of such sites and the greater access to resources to do that task.

In both instances ENACT was invited to have representatives attend meetings with the respective committees to discuss details of our proposals. The Built Heritage Enquiry report fully supported our proposal and recommended implementation. The PAHSMA Review’s report is yet to be published.

ENACT is quietly confident that the handover will take place in due course, the timing of which will be determined by other commitments of a similar nature imposed on PAHSMA (e.g. Maria Island) and budgetary constraints.

 Historic Site and PAHSMA: ENACT submission to Tasmanian State budget:

Following a public invitation for submissions towards the Tasmanian state budget ENACT prepared a submission requesting funding to “undertake a comprehensive feasibility study and prepare a master plan for the revitalisation of Eaglehawk Neck as the ‘Gateway to the Tasman Peninsula’ —– including the integration of the Eaglehawk Neck Historic Site with other convict heritage sites on the Tasman Peninsula”.

The Eaglehawk Neck Historic Site (above)

The Pirates Bay Visitor Service Zone Site Plan 2007.

ENACT has had confirmation from Minister Groom that the ten year review of the plan ( ) would be held in 2017.

Pirates Bay lookout

ENACT was advised that the Tasman Council has provision in its budget for a toilet facility to be installed at the lookout, following lobbying by ENACT after the installation of the ANZAC Centenary Grant tables, and others. We understand the waste water engineering issues are still being worked through.

“Welcome to Eaglehawk Neck – Gateway to the Tasman Peninsula”

Meanwhile, our welcoming statement at the top of the hill continues to welcome all visitors to the region! (except those who sneak in by boat)

The chart below shows all the ideas put forward at the public meeting at Eaglehawk Neck Hall in 2013, prioritised by those attending. This meeting led to the formation of the Eaglehawk Neck Action Community Taskforce (ENACT)

Table of Results

                                                                                                                 Number of votes

State government to buy old Officer’s Mess site for visitor centre, shop and commercial site.       76

EHN Hall to be properly equipped, funded and made safe to act as an Evacuation Centre.


Fix the recurrent flooding problem around the hall.


Build a visitor/interpretation centre;  Sites suggested were the old Officers mess site, Lufra Hotel. EHN hall.


Use EHN hall as temporary visitor centre staffed with volunteers at weekends.


Build more footpaths and bicycle ways.


Build multi use walkway between the beach near Lufra car  park to the Blowhole. Wheelchair friendly.


Establish & maintain a professional website


Build a children’s playground


Build more toilets


Implement “Gateway to the Tasman Peninsula”project




Construct picnic tables, shelters, bbqs, etc throughout the town       19

Full width highway through the Neck with deceleration lanes to hall


Establish free camping facility for self contained motor homes, etc at hall


Hold 5 year review of PWS 2007 “Pirates Bay Visitor Services Site Plan”


Reconstruct original convict lookout on dunes near Dog Line

have Economic Survey undertaken to form basis for growth       11
Have tourist buses stop at markets       9
Build proper path to Egg Beach for surfers and public.       9
New sign at top of hill: “Welcome to EHN – Gateway to Tasman Peninsula”       8
Upgrade waterfall Bay lookout and road.       4
Wind turbines on top of hill near Telstra tower       3
Screen toilet block at Blowhole.       3
Lower the speed limit across the Neck.       3
Prize to enc Doo Town residents to build on the town’s name       2
Proper path to beach at Gravel Pits. Shower. More public rubbish bins       1
PWS volunteers to help maintain local tracks. Ped crossing  at the neck       0
Upgrade track to Cash’s Lookout & upgrade hang glider access track and road.       0




If you have any questions, would like to discuss any projects or would be interested in joining our committee please contact Arthur Orchard (Chair) on 0419123302 or , Jan Field (Sec) on 0428503449 or or any committee member.

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Family Fun Weekend this coming weekend- come along and join us!


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Family Fun Weekend and Community Dance coming up in the new year!

14th and 15th January 2017

Movies at the Neck: On Saturday January 14th at 7.00pm Blue Hawaii (G 97 minutes) It’s 1961 and ex-G.I. Chad Gates (Elvis Presley) returns home to Hawaii to surf, sing, play the ukulele and fall in love with various wahinis. Wear your favourite Hawaiian shirt! Hot food and snacks are available from 6.00pm. For more info contact Dave on 6250 3949

Eaglehawk Neck Hall Monthly MarketsThe Hall Market is held on the second Saturday of the month. The next market is on Saturday 14th January,  9.30am to 1.30pm. Come along for local art and craft, books, home baked goodies and bric-a-brac.  The Pirate’s Pantry serves teas, espresso coffee and delicious snacks. For stall bookings ($5 per table/stall) and information contact Sallie on 0458 726 425.

Family Fun Day at the Neck– Sunday, January 15th, 11.00 – 3.00pm at the Eaglehawk Neck Hall with free games for all ages including cricket, bocce and badminton. BYO picnic. Buskers welcome. Ice-cream van, sausage sizzle available. Contact 0404 967 120 for more information.

18th February 2017     familyfunweekendposter

Eaglehawk Neck Community Dance at the Hall Saturday,18th February, doors open at 7.00pm music starts at 8.00pm.Rock to the sounds of Barrelhouse band. Entry is a gold coin donation. Bring a plate to share… and your dancing shoes!

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