Historic Sites Map

Amazing sights

We have shown the location of each on the map below.


Historic tourist map of Eaglehawk Neck and surrounds with features marked:

1 .Eaglehawk Dive Centre.    2.(No longer listed).    3. Lufra Hotel.    4. Martin Cash monument.    5. (No Longer Listed).    6. Former ‘Officer’s Mess’ site.    7. Officer’s Quarters (Historic Site)    8. Eaglehawk Neck Backpackers.    9. (No Longer Listed).    10. EHN Community Hall.    11. Dog Line (historic site).    12. Former Semaphore Site.    13. Old school house (now private residence).    14. Blue Seal Café and Tour Centre.    15. Cash’s Lookout.    16. Hang-gliders take-off ramp and lookout.    17. Havnabite Café/convenience store.    18. (no Longer Listed).    19. (No Longer Listed).

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