EAGLEHAWK NECK – so much to see!

The quiet coastal village of Eaglehawk Neck forms an iconic gateway to the Tasman Peninsula. 

Just an hour from Hobart, it’s easy to feel like you’ve been transported to paradise once you reach ‘The ‘Neck’.

Wide, open spaces, salty air, blue water, towering cliffs and entrenched history offer a unique kaleidoscope of things to see and enjoy.

Locals and regular visitors never tire of the area’s rich, natural curiosities and peculiar relics. The landscape is ever changing with the elements but always tremendously beautiful..


EXPLORE, WALK, SWIM, SURF, PLAY. Eaglehawk Neck is wild. This sweeping, crescent shaped bay and its streak of white sand makes

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Clydes Island

EXPLORE, SURF, DIVE, CATCH.   Clyde’s Island and its small rocky outcrop lie north of Tesselated Pavement and the journey across to

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Doo Town

EXPLORE, WANDER, SEARCH. Whimsical Doo Town enjoys an international reputation, drawing quaint adventurers from far and wide.  Visitors delight in finding

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Eaglehawk Bay

CANOE, WILDLIFE, DRIVE, BOAT. Eaglehawk Bay is best known as a sunlit and majestic backdrop for travellers heading south towards Port

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Fishing & Boats

FISH, TOUR, CRUISE, TRADE, CATCH. The Blowhole Jetty and Boat Ramps are set against the backdrop of a brilliant blue bay and

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Hippolyte Rocks

DIVE, WILDLIFE, FISH. Hippolyte Rock is an impressive granite island, standing 65m tall and towering over the blue horizon of the

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Historic Site

EXPLORE, HISTORY, WANDER   Eaglehawk Neck is a great starting point for anyone interested in the Tasman Peninsula’s rich convict history.

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Pirates Bay

EXPLORE, WALK, SWIM, SURF, PLAY.   Pirates Bay is for the adventurers, the wanderers and the dreamers. A white stretch of

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Sea cliffs

DIVE, SCENIC, CLIMB.   Eaglehawk Neck’s marvellous  sea cliffs can be experienced from above or below. The beaches are lined with

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Tasman National Park

DIVE, HIKE, NATURE, EXPLORE. Tasman National Park is situated on the rugged Tasman Peninsula and famous for its towering cliffs and dramatic

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Tessellated Pavement

  EXPLORE, SWIM, SCENIC, WANDER.    Tessellated pavement is extremely rare. This natural phenomenon is only found in a few places on

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The Dog Line

EXPLORE, WANDER, HISTORY. The Dog Line is one of the most terrifying parts of Eaglehawk Neck’s complex history.  A life-size bronze replica

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Things to SEE!

EAGLEHAWK NECK – so much to see! The quiet coastal village of Eaglehawk Neck forms an iconic gateway to the Tasman

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Wild Life & Sea Life

NATURE, SCENERY, ADVENTURE   Eaglehawk Neck is one of Tasmania’s most important and spectacular examples of its unique flora and fauna.

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