Clydes Island

Photo: Arthur Orchard – Clyde Island.

Photo: Arthur Orchard – Clydes Island.

Extending out into Pirates Bay from the majestic cliffs at its northern end, this tiny island can be accessed via a twenty minute scramble along the rocky shoreline from the beach just north of the Tessellated Pavement.

Good walking shoes and reasonable fitness are needed but the exhilaration of traversing the last rocky outcrops to get onto the Island make it well worthwhile.

Photo: Jan Field – Clyde Island at sunrise.

Photo: Jan Field – Clydes Island at sunrise.

The waters around the Island are ideal for scuba-diving for the well prepared and experienced diver; with crayfish and abalone to be caught (if you have a recreational licence) – and magnificent underwater scenery to see.

For the less adventurous the Island itself is a gem to explore. In around 20 minutes you will have seen most of it. See if you can find the historic grave of Chokey Nuroo.

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