Hippolyte Rock

Photo: Arthur Orchard – The ‘Rock’ dominates the horizon.

Photo: Arthur Orchard – The ‘Rock’ dominates the horizon.

Although the Hippolyte Rock is situated about ten kilometres south of Pirates Bay and some six kilometres offshore from the entrance to Fortescue Bay, it looms large and is clearly visible from land except when the all enveloping sea-mists roll in from the Tasman Sea.

Best views are from the Eaglehawk Drive lookout, Lufra Hotel, the cliffs overlooking Fossil Bay behind the Blowhole, various points along the walking track from the Devil’s Kitchen to the Waterfall Bay Lookout and from Waterfall Bay Lookout itself.

Standing as a stark reminder of the wonders of nature in this part of Tasmania, the Hippolyte Rock soars over a hundred metres out of the ocean from the sea-bed a further hundred metres below. It is surrounded on most sides by dangerous, rocky reefs; some just above or below the huge waves that break constantly over them.

It is a dangerous place for inexperienced sailors but hugely popular as a great area for catching the elusive Bluefin Tuna and many other game fish. Nearby, toward the coast, is a smaller outcrop called Cheverton Rock; also popular for recreational fishing.

Both rocks are home to seal colonies and several varieties of sea-birds. For more details go to: http://www.dpiw.tas.gov.au/inter.nsf/WebPages/MCRS-7YH8JV?open

Several fishing charter operators work out of Eaglehawk Neck.




Pauletta Charters – 0362489432

Personalised Sea Charters – 0362503370

Pirates Bay Fishing & Charters – 0362503546 piratesbaycharters@yahoo.com.au

Terry Horton – 0362503301

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