This community group was formed in early 2013 after a public meeting identified the gradual erosion of infrastructure in Eaglehawk Neck over recent years and the many significant projects that needed to be progressed in order to meet our: MISSION – 


“To make Eaglehawk Neck a better place to visit & live.”


The group has a long list of aspirational goals and is working closely with the EHN Community and Hall Association, Tasman Council, the Parks and Wildlife Service, the State Government and other stake-holders to achieve their Mission.
Seven new picnic tables have been installed throughout Eaglehawk Neck, with one more to be placed. – built from Monterey Pine timber from trees planted in 1918 that formed a memorial soldiers’ walk at the Port Arthur Historic Site – substantially funded through an Anzac Centenary Local Projects Grant and the Eaglehawk Neck Community & Hall Association. Built by local craftsmen Stuart Meeking and Rob Monk, with assistance from local volunteers, Tasman Council, Peninsula Readymix and Lufra Hotel.


New public toilets and picnic facilities are now part of a redeveloped Whale Watchers Lookout (former surfers’ carpark).


The Eaglehawk Neck Coastal Trail, from the Tessellated Pavement to the Devil’s Kitchen, is becoming a reality.


Community working bees have improved the amenity and area around the community hall and the garden around the Officers Quarters. Restoration is a longer term goal.


Road safety is being addressed, as is bush fire planning and mitigation.


The future of Waterfall Bay Road is also an issue of concern that is being addressed, especially now that it has been improved.


There is still much to do.


A Special General Meeting (SGM) of ENACT was held at 4pm on Saturday 23rd of March 2024, in the Lounge Bar of the Lufra Hotel. 


A requisition, in accordance with ENACT’s Rule 14(2)(b) was signed by ten members and handed to Mel Nichols, President of ENACT last Wednesday 28th of February.

The requisition called on the President to advise members within 21 days of a SGM. Subsequently, on the 5th of March, Mel advised of her resignation from the position of President, effective immediately.


The reasons for calling this SGM, as stated on the Requisition were:


  1. there appears to have been an absence of any communication to all of its members; and
  2. there appears to have been no apparent meeting of the committee (as named in the draft minutes of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as attached) since the last held on the 5th of November 2022.
The objects of this SGM, as stated on the Requisition are:


  1. to reactivate the Association;
  2. to give annual members an opportunity to renew their membership;
  3. for new prospective members to apply and be admitted as members to the Association; and
  4. for a committee and officers of the Association to be appointed.
Committee Appointees are;


President; Ted Leeson (TL)
Vice President; Matt Drysdale (MD)
Acting Secretary; Ted Leeson (TL)
Treasurer; Wani Hunn (WH)


 Committee Members: Bob Drysdale (BD); Heather Henri (HH); Denise Moser (DM); &  Ruth Moon (RM), following her formal appointment by the committee as a member of the committee at the commencement of the meeting.

The President welcomed those participating and agreed with HH’s earlier pre-meeting
comments that given the absence of a secretary (a role he was only prepared to fill until the next AGM – likely late Oct or Nov 24) and the fact that he was going to be absent from the State for most of this time, that the work of the committee would be limited.

TL sought and gained permission for the meeting to be recorded.


Attendance at the meeting will serve as a gauge for those interested in continuing the organisation and will help determine whether there is sufficient interest and capability to do so. If not, the Rules provide that a separate motion to wind up ENACT would be required with 30 days notice to all members of another SGM, for that purpose.
Should you be considering nominating for the committee, or an executive position I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you.


Hopefully, there will be sufficient interest and ENACT may continue. BUT your attendance will help determine this so PLEASE ATTEND.


Yours sincerely,
Ted Leeson
President & A/Secretary


Letter from the President.


Dear members of ENACT, former members and friends

Following the Special General Meeting of ENACT on the 23rd of March, called to get things going again, I am pleased to report that we have. A committee has been appointed, we have successfully de-registered from GST, so no more quarterly BAS or gst deductions!
Our membership is continuing and thanks to all those annual members who have paid, your membership continues until 30 Jun 2025.
For those of you who have not paid their annual membership since February this year you are probably non-financial. I’ll be aiming to give you a call to see if there is anything we can do to encourage your continued support. 
I attach the minutes from our first committee meeting since September 2022!  Also is a summary of our accounts.
You may have seen the article on page 20 of the April edition of the Tasman Gazette.
From the minutes you will see various actions to be taken and that is certainly our aim..
Thank you for your interest and support.
Ted Leeson
President & A/Secretary
0428 537 062

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