President’s Report September 2022 Jill Pierce

Hall activities have got under way again this year as we learn to live with the
ongoing risks of COVID 19. The Hall continues to be well used by community
groups with something happening in the Hall most days of the week. The
Committee works hard to maintain the Hall, so it is a warm and inviting place
to visit and to hire. This year we welcomed Heather on to the Committee, a
big thank you to Heather for stepping back into the Committee after many
years break. We now farewell Ted and Grant. Grant has promised to continue
help with market set ups- and we’ll hold him to that! Ted has been a stalwart
in supporting Hall activities, disseminating information, and in being President
of the Film Society. We are grateful for all that he achieved. Chris continues as
a remote Committee member as he supports his Queensland family through ill
health. He has worked on getting Swellnet internet connection, on the
Eaglehawk Neck website that the Hall has taken over administering, and on
other data related issues. Several of the committee and Hall volunteers
undertook an engaging and helpful St John’s first aid course in October last
year. Our monthly markets, winter warmers, second-hand book sales,
concerts, a bush dance for Mental Health Week ,and film society screenings
have continued.
Thanks go to Sallie for her ongoing work with the markets and raffles. We had
a very successful Spring market when we started back in September 2021. The
Pirates Market in January was a roaring success with a historical display, kid’s
activities, pirate costumes galore, a real live macaw and sea shanty music by
Cate, Chris and friends. This market was part of a raft of piratical activities held
across Eaglehawk Neck to mark the 200
th bicentenary of the pirating of a
schooner in Pirates Bay. It was wonderful to see the different community
groups coming together to offer a variety of events under the coordination of
Heather and Ruth, ably assisted by a diverse committee chaired by Jess from
Council. We will be having a pirate theme for our January market next year.
The Committee has drawn up Market Guidelines and a Stall Holder agreement
and continues to work on making sure the market is a safe space, particularly
in respect to the gazebos. There is also a plan to place a weather station on the
roof to help assess wind conditions on market days. We are grateful to the SES
who regularly help now with parking, and to Tasman Council for agreeing to
print our market flyers.
Ted and Denise have kept the film society thriving, ably assisted by a small but
wiling team. The Film Society AGM will be held on October 22nd at 4.30pm,
and new committee members and volunteer helpers will be sought. As at the
30 June there were 78 paid up members and over 300 on the email list. Over

the last year the Society averaged attendance of 33 per screening. The Film
Society contributes significant income for the Hall.
Karmen continues her successful book shop. Book sales have done very well
for the last financial year. A 45% increase in revenue is reported. A shelf
labelling machine was provided by the Hall Association and the more
professional signage has contributed to a neater presentation. Cupboard doors
were removed to accommodate more books. The disposal of books in poor
condition continues to be a challenge. Jill Brannock, now known as Jillian to
differentiate her from me, has contributed significant volunteer hours both in
the book shop and also has taken on the big job of Hall hire. Thanks very much
to Karmen and Jillian.
We continue to get a healthy income from Hall bookings. Our Hall hirers have
appreciated our willingness to support them with reasonable hire rates, and
we appreciate their continued patronage. Regular Hall bookings include low
impact exercises twice a week, Pilates twice a week, formerly yoga (now in
abeyance), Tasman Art Group, and Tango. We have also had groups hire the
Hall for events such as health workshops and consultations, Cancer Council Tas
mental health workshop, Tasman Voice for Health, public meetings, Fisheries
information sharing, a wedding, and the jazz morning tea.
We are holding two early music classical concerts this month and supporting a
Rotary Mental Health Day, and next month have guitar and jazz concerts.
Thanks need to go to our Pirates Pantry team led by Gaby, with Kerry and
Deirdre who have continued with the successful scones, jam, and cream for
markets, and helped out at other functions. The winter warmers continued
again this year and whilst they were supported by a small group of regular
market goers, we do not attract any new people. A review of whether, or how,
we go forward with winter warmers and the summer barbecues will be
Thanks to John, Grant, Ted and Tony who take the lead on Hall maintenance.
Roof leaks continue to challenge us as does the flooding around the Hall.
However, the hall is in good condition. Fire and electrical safety checks,
checking of smoke alarm, compliance with relevant Council permits for food
handling, place of assembly, and occupancy are up to date. We have a
defibrillator and a recently refurbished first aid kit, and purchased a battery
powered megaphone for outside events. We have a traffic management plan
for hall events, an evacuation plan, guidelines for stallholders, and a Hazard &

Risk Register. The area around the hall has been cleared of vegetation when
required as a fire precaution and for parking.
Finally, I’d like to thank all Committee members for volunteering their time and
energy. John and Deirdre have been a very supportive executive- Deirdre’s
clear financial reporting has been so helpful, and John’s hard work and
commitment provides the glue that keeps the society ticking along so well.
Thanks to Sarah who cleans the Hall so competently and without complaint.
The Hall Committee continues to meet monthly and welcomes expressions of
interest in joining the committee or Association, and in becoming a valued
volunteer. This was my last year on the Hall Committee, and I now step down
from the President’s role. I have enjoyed my time on the Committee and made
some good friends. I still plan to take an active role in supporting Hall activities
when I am at the Neck.
I wish the new Committee all the best in the wonderful work they do in
maintaining and developing this community space – a space which helps local
people connect with each other.

Jill Pierce 25
th September, 2022

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