A Special General Meeting (SGM) of ENACT is to be held at 4pm on Saturday
23rd of March 2024, at the Eaglehawk Neck Hall. Please attend.

A requisition, in accordance with ENACT’s Rule 14(2)(b) was signed by ten
members and handed to Mel Nichols, President of ENACT on Wednesday 28th of
February. The requisition called on the President to advise members within
21 days of a SGM. Subsequently, on the 5th of March, Mel advised of her
resignation from the position of President, effective immediately.

The reasons for calling this SGM, as stated on the Requisition were:

a.    there appears to have been an absence of any communication to all of
its members; and

b.    there appears to have been no apparent meeting of the committee (as
named in the draft minutes of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as attached)
since the last held on the 5th of November 2022.

The objects of this SGM, as stated on the Requisition are:

a.    to reactivate the Association;

b.    to give annual members an opportunity to renew their membership;

c.    for new prospective members to apply and be admitted as members to the
Association; and

d.    for a committee and officers of the Association to be appointed.

Attendance at the meeting will serve as a gauge for those interested in
continuing the organisation and will help determine whether there is
sufficient interest and capability to do so. If not, the Rules provide that
a separate motion to wind up ENACT would be required with 30 days notice to
all members of another SGM, for that purpose.

Should you be able to work on the committee, please considering nominating
for a spot on the committee, or an executive position. I would welcome the
opportunity to discuss this with you.

A separate email is going to annual members, asking them to attend and to
renew their membership by paying the annual subscription, and another email
is going to prospective members in the EHN community inviting them to
attend. If you know anyone who may be interested please forward this email
and or the attached membership application form.

Hopefully, there will be sufficient interest and ENACT may continue. BUT
your attendance will help determine this so PLEASE ATTEND. And bring others

Join us. Become a member! 

Just fill out the form below: Then click I’m not a robot, and then submit.

Thank you, we will be in touch. 

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